Essential Reading For Executives

Zero Latency Leadership
Driving equity, trust, and sustainability with emerging tech

Level up your leadership skills to engage emerging technology empowered by the principles of sustainability, equity, and trust. Build your technical literacy and decision-making framework while overcoming any anxieties about the proliferation of new technologies.

How do you keep up with the rapid advancements of technology while leading an organization or business? What frameworks are available to decide what is relevant and what isn’t quite ready for launch for your company? How do you make the right decisions in the now that will honor the past and respect the future? What do trust, sustainability, and equity have to do with technology?

Beena Ammanath uses her experience as a global thought leader to simplify complex topics and set a context for informed and mindful decision-making about technology. Zero Latency Leadership establishes the skills and mindset necessary to make wise and timely decisions about your technology footprint including:

  • The historical perspective and what it can teach us
  • Practical examples of how emerging innovations can be used in business
  • Considerations for building strong leadership practices when approaching technology
  • How to build technological literacy
  • Which leadership skills to sharpen to get better and better at managing technology
  • Keeping your eyes on the horizon of emerging technology

Beena’s approach empowers readers to understand where they stand and where they want to go with their leadership in relation to technology.

Trustworthy AI​
A business guide for navigating Trust and Ethics in AI

Businesses today are rapidly scaling AI to gain powerful new capabilities and to improve how they operate. Humans and machines are increasingly working together. And this trend exposes businesses to heightened risk of AI behaving in ways that are unethical. Just like their human counterparts in the workforce, AI systems are expected to adhere to social norms and ethics and to make fair decisions in ways that are consistent, transparent, explainable, and unbiased. Of course, figuring out what is ethical and socially acceptable isn’t always easy – even for human workers.

Trustworthy AI offers readers a pragmatic and direct approach to ethics and trust in artificial intelligence. The book presents a straightforward and structured way to think about AI ethics and offers practical guidelines for organizations developing or using AI solutions.