Beena Ammanath
A business guide for navigating Trust and Ethics in AI

Businesses today are rapidly scaling AI to gain powerful new capabilities and to improve how they operate. Humans and machines are increasingly working together. And this trend exposes businesses to heightened risk of AI behaving in ways that are unethical. Just like their human counterparts in the workforce, AI systems are expected to adhere to social norms and ethics and to make fair decisions in ways that are consistent, transparent, explainable, and unbiased. Of course, figuring out what is ethical and socially acceptable isn’t always easy - even for human workers.

Trustworthy AI offers readers a pragmatic and direct approach to ethics and trust in artificial intelligence. The book presents a straightforward and structured way to think about AI ethics and offers practical guidelines for organizations developing or using AI solutions.

Just as every organization is different, so too are the tools they deploy. The task is to ask the right questions and understand what to do with the answers. When we break apart the concept of trust, we find several core dimensions, each with potential applicability to an AI use case. Trustworthy AI is: fair and impartial; robust and reliable; respectful of privacy; safe and secure; responsible and accountable; and transparent and explainable.

Combining an exploration of the dimensions of trust with leading practices in developing and using ethical AI, award-winning author, and celebrated AI executive Beena Ammanath delivers an actionable guidebook on AI ethics for executives, technologists, ethicists, and others. Trustworthy AI cuts through philosophical and theoretical discussions to provide clarity on the many factors in AI trust, the opportunities, and pitfalls, and how to structure an ethical AI strategy. Discover how to operationalize AI ethics within your organization and drive ethical AI planning across business units and departments.

An insightful resource for the design and implementation of ethical AI within an organization, Trustworthy AI is an essential read for board members, C-suite executives, business leaders, and all organizations looking for ways to transform their business with AI in a responsible, trustworthy and ethical way.